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The Stream Financial Approach

In times of rapid change, the only route to profitability and long term survival is business agility. Devoting large budgets in pursuit of data centralisation models has not delivered an answer.

Based on many years’ experience of delivering solutions in high volume manufacturing and data processing environments we know that the route to agility requires

  • Quality at source – right first time, every time
  • Using the right level of detail – access to fully granular source data, all of it
  • Full traceability – complete lineage to source and time
  • Ownership – fully responsible and accountable for processes and output
  • Transparency – of data and action

Software Products

Our software solutions are based on our high-performance data virtualisation tool kit, DataFusion. They offer pragmatic and affordable real world solutions to data management problems of all shapes and sizes.
  • Volumne - very large scale
  • Variety - disparate systems, locations, jurisdictions
  • Variability - changes in shape and format
  • Velocity - rapid access for time critical decisions
  • Veracity - accuracy & completeness with full lineage

Consulting Service

We specialise in delivering organisational improvement through step wise migration. We use a mix of technology and business organisation (optimised operating models) to deliver agility through federated ownership with full data transparency, granularity and lineage.

Our toolkit includes ProjectFusion, an advanced methodology which applies structure to help prioritise and manage a portfolio of enterprise level technology projects.

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Fast, Agile and Highly Versatile

Whether you are looking to improve the speed of response to client queries, the time for executing internal processes or the speed of delivering new business requirements, our Fusion products have the answers. Ultra-high performance and “soft” implementation of new requirements are only part of the story; true agility requires an agile infrastructure. Our products come complete with controlled side-by-side deployment and “one press” roll-forward and roll-back capabilities to minimise risk and make continuous improvement a reality.

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Grow Your Business
Grow your business, not your overhead. Whether you are looking for top line growth or bottom line improvement our automation approach has the answers. The resources released by each incremental productivity gain can be used to accelerate the pace of change or converted into your choice of top or bottom line benefits. Our incremental approach to automation offers the lowest cost route to world class productivity by making maximum use of your existing team and infrastructure.

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Latest Blogs

The Digital Back Office

The Digital Back Office

There is lots of talk about digital in banking from people such as Chris Skinner in his insightful blog The Finanser. Much of this discussion however is focused on the front office relationship with external customers, specifically about how to build a bank that is responsive to customers in the digital world. I believe that this thinking is too narrow, it is my belief that you cannot have a digital bank without a Digital Back Office. This needs to provide the important services to support the internal management of the bank, as well as the operational support for external customers.

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BCBS239: A Bad Case of Deja Vu

BCBS239: A Bad Case of Deja Vu


On 23rd January 2015 the BIS published its progress report on BCBS239 Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting. This progress report was striking in a number of ways; first, despite a significant investment there was only marginal improvement in the banks assessment of their ability to meet the principles and worryingly in some cases banks reported a downgrade of their abilities. Second, banks' failure to recognise the fundamental importance of governance and architecture in ensuring overall compliance with all the principles, leaving significant reliance on manual processes and workarounds.


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The Wrong Balance?

The Wrong Balance?

Following from my previous post on the IT spend in large banks, I suggested that too much spend was focused on the new capital adequacy measures, in particular Basel 2.5 and Basel 3, at the expense of spending on improving risk infrastructure at a more basic level, such as simplifying the dizzying number of duplicate systems and focusing on data quality issues. So how did we get into this mess?

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We enjoy those intractable business problems you hate. We employ our experience and leading edge software solutions to help your organisation realise it’s full potential. Our approach is widely effective for business processes across all organisations and business sectors.

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