Founded in 2013 by a group of business and technology leads in Financial Services, Stream Financial is dedicated to making a huge impact on organisations of all sizes and industries by empowering you with the best data virtualisation and analytics toolkit.


Our background and decades of hands-on business experience mean that we can offer our clients real front-to-back solutions to meet their specific business challenges. Our product development is driven by industry demands and challenges. At Stream Financial we take the most pragmatic approach to help businesses deliver on both short term and long term objectives.


That is why we have developed a host of data virtualisation and workflow automation tools to help you leverage your current infrastructure. We believe that the right balance between centralisation and federation is the key to success for organisations of any size.


Why not get in touch with your challenges and objectives and see how our field knowledge and technologies can help you become a superstar?


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About Stream Financial

We enjoy those intractable business problems you hate. We employ our experience and leading edge software solutions to help your organisation realise it’s full potential. Our approach is widely effective for business processes across all organisations and business sectors.

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