Products in the Data Hierarchy

When dealing with data there is a 3-tier hierarchy which can be used to describe the activities performed on that data and therefore the functionality that products provide to cater for that need.


Data Visualisation

There are many vendors who have spent significant resources on designing cool ways of representing large amounts of data to an end user in a way which it can easily be interpreted.  While we provide a front-end to cater for the needs of an end-user to script queries and view results, visualation is not our speciality. We intend to provide the necessary plug-ins to allow our toolset to interface to the visualisation tool of your choice.


Data Access

Our toolset is intended to focus on the data access layer. Pretty dashboards aren't even "the last mile", they are more like "the last inch", everything that comes before them is more important. We believe there is little value in having a great dashboard if there is an expensive operational processes with people typing data in the "back-end" to ensure that senior management have the data they need in the dashboard.  The real value is in getting the connections across disparate data sources that allow you to make connections not previously possible. This will allow you to get a proper "data driven culture" in your organisation.


Data Storage

The final layer of the data pyramid is data storage.  Most of the structured data needed in an organisation is typically already there and in some type of storage mechanism (database).  The problem is that these stores are across many technologies, geographical boundaries, legal entities and organisational units.  Many organisations have taken an approach of consolidating some of these data stores onto a central platform (a data warehouse), we are able to integrate with these existing data warehouses, but can also integrate with underlying data sources, in particular where the data warehouse does not contain all of the data sources or where there are missing attributes and other fields.


The DataFusion Product

Our DataFusion product is a query-based approach to accessing large amounts of data in a high performance, agile manner which can facilitate many different use cases. DataFusion is especially suited to:


On-demand Business Intelligence - where senior management are trying to access data for management reporting across a wide variety of systems, geographies, legal entities and other organisational boundaries


Trade Reporting - consistent trade reporting toregulators or internally where trades are stored across multiple systems, geographies, legal entities and other organisational boundaries


Regulatory Reporting - consistent regulartory reporting across organisational boundaries e.g. consistent Risk & Finance Reporting


Trade/Transaction analysis - drill down analysis capability from aggregate level reporting through to trade/transaction level details spread across multiple trading/transaction systems


Data Dictionary - as required by BCBS239, DataFusion can provide a data dictionary which includes detailed definitions of terms for individual data elements required for risk reporting (risk inputs and outputs required for reorting), a link to an information model (ties data elements to a business view of the data), a logical data model (a virtual representation of all the data elements and their relationships) and a "live" mapping to where each of these data elements can be found in existing data sources (including whether these are deemed "golden sources". Through a visualisation tool, senior business management can gain an understanding of all of the data items and concepts used in the risk reporting process as represented by the mapping to the information model which also acts as the detailed inventory and classification of risk data items required by BCBS239

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