DataFusion - Data Virtualisation in the real world

Provides a comprehensive data virtualisation solution for large enterprises. An integrated suite of capabilities specifically designed for federated deployment to enhance the existing legacy estate.

 datafusion technology

Open architecture

A plug-in framework enables integration with any technology to facilitate leveraging of legacy infrastructure, analytics and vendor platforms.

Ultra-High Performance

In a few seconds, users can select data from hundreds of billions of rows, join it with data from other sources and group the results as required.

The federating engine allows mixed technology processing close to the data and an optimised vector processing engine provides highly efficient data querying and streaming across networks.

Flexible & Easy to Use

DataFusion has a bespoke soft schema query engine based on the universal SQL 92 language.

Federated Ownership & Delegated Responsibilities

Operational teams can employ their own platforms, technologies and data structures optimised for local performance whilst DataFusion plug-ins provide on-the -fly translation into a corporate schema.


DataFusion offers a free option for full lineage to the most granular source data.


DataFusion supports side-by-side deployment with instant roll-back for fully agile deployment.

Reliable & Fault Tolerant

All services are run in highly available groups with immutable in-memory processing


DataFusion supports both identity and role based security models. All data can be encrypted at rest.

Enterprise wide

Provides an accurate and timely view, of high volumes of disparate data held in multiple highly specialised systems geographically spread in many jurisdictions.


DataFusion uses a bespoke processing engine and high levels of data compression which not only provides the required performance but delivers it from an exceptionally light hardware footprint

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