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Specifically designed to integrate with legacy infrastructures, Stream’s FusionChain provides all the functionality required to free organisations from their legacy constraints. No ordinary workflow engine, FusionChain sits on top of Stream Financial’s platform agnostic DataFusion technology which has the power to process truly large amounts of data without any loss of granularity. This exceptional underlying performance allows processes to be executed with in-built quality characteristics from the ground up giving full transparency and traceability to eliminate costly exercises associated with error tracking and reconciliation.

Designed to support processes requiring manual input and oversight, FusionChain enables quick and easy incorporation of new requirements with little or no systems impact.

fusionchain diagram

Key Features

  • A single coherent view of the entire workflow

    • Improved visibility & Control of processes

    • Identify and remove bottlenecks

    • Identify and reduce manual processing

  • Full traceability with lineage at all times

  • Quick and easy to implement and change

    • Programmable operating models

    • Little or no systems impact

    • Integrates existing security protocols

    • Integrates legacy analytics

  • Open Architecture with data virtualisation

    • Platform, data type and schema agnostic

  • Highly fault tolerant

    • Persistent on disk

  • Exceptional underlying performance

    • 100% data retention

      • Each workflow step is an enrichment

      • Granular data available at every step

  • Infinitely scalable - trillion rows demonstrated

  • Query and network acceleration

  • Protects and enhances legacy systems.

  • Vector processing capabilities


FusionChain offers a low cost, low risk, incremental implementation leveraging legacy infrastructure where appropriate to deliver maximum value:

  • Incremental improvement - not a clean-sheet redesign

  • Rapid benefits realisation; after each incremental step.

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